BGWT Reveals Magic Of S2


By John Adams, Security Electronics and Networks
March 15, 2018

There have been plenty of changes since we last took a look at the S2 web-based access control, intrusion, automation and video surveillance solution – key enhancements include the upgrades to the web interface, the release and enhancement of Magic Monitor and the release of monitoring and admin tool, Cumulus.

Steering me through the upgrades on BGWT’s new demo application is BGWT branch manager NSW/ACT, Graham Clark, who has been supporting S2 for many years and has a strong handle on the system’s applicability. Just looking at the monitors in the demo room is instructive – this solution has matured over the years – it’s not simply more polished but it leans heavily towards situational awareness. Driving the system is also much more intuitive.

Before we look at the software, it’s important to get a sense of the underlying nature of the hardware, which supports access control, alarms, automation and video surveillance. It’s modular, plug and play, and is designed to function locally, regionally and globally. S2 controllers have embedded servers running Linux and you browse into them securely via any browser – there are no layers of on-site software, databases and server hardware required.

This modular web-based design makes an S2 solution endlessly expandable vertically and laterally from a local application to a global application linking multiple systems from anywhere. The scalability and online nature of the product allows you to manage the security system from a mobile device you pull out of your pocket.