Cybersecurity at Every Product Phase


Cybersecurity is an ongoing process. The landscape of threats is always evolving, and so are our efforts to meet high cybersecurity standards.

Recent high-profile cyber attacks have exposed the world to the magnitude of their impact. The WannaCry ransomware attack effectively shut down the United Kingdom’s healthcare system and affected many other organizations in over 150 countries. Target’s extensively covered cybersecurity disaster in 2014 resulted in the theft of more than 70 million customers’ personal financial information. The company continues to pay fines to the US government, and was even forced to reverse its planned expansion into Canada.

When it comes to physical security, the complexity and interconnectedness of today’s systems provide multiple potential entry points for would-be attackers. This is why S2 Security incorporates information security into every phase of our products. Our comprehensive approach also empowers our customers to implement cybersecurity best practices while remaining vigilant.

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