Empowering Your New Normal


The LenelS2 team has been hard at work developing new solutions to assist end users in adjusting to the new normal

Jeff StanekBy Jeff Stanek

Jeff Stanek is President of LenelS2


There is nothing more important than the health and safety of our employees and customers. Since March, we’ve taken a number of actions to address the challenges of our evolving business environment. Security manufacturing continues to be critical during this time, so we shifted the majority of our employees to remote operations while maintaining healthy, safe conditions for those who remained in our facilities to support functions such as manufacturing and quality assurance. The LenelS2 team has been hard at work developing new solutions to assist end users in adjusting to the new normal. We have also developed new virtual programs for educating users about our solutions.

We continue to be mindful and respectful of people’s decisions to travel and engage with others face-to-face. With that in mind, we have made the difficult decision to withdraw our participation at ISC West 2020 and GSX 2020. While we are sorry we will not see you in person at these events, we look forward to connecting with you in other ways.

By now, you’ve heard from us by email, phone, text and hopefully by video conference. We stand ready to support you in any way that is safe and practical.

If you are interested in training, virtual course offerings are now available for both our NetBox and OnGuard product ecosystems. You can find out more by visiting our websites or contacting your LenelS2 representative.

For more general updates on LenelS2 solutions, our newly launched LenelS2 Discover Webinar Series offers brief, half-hour sessions designed to easily fit into your schedule. The series includes a wide range of topics relevant to value-added resellers, end users and security consultants. We will continue to add topics to the series and look forward to your participation.

In these changing times, we look forward to continuing to provide you with LenelS2’s unified security management solutions and services in support of your business needs. As this situation evolves, one thing remains constant – we will continue to find creative solutions to better serve you.

As people around the world adjust to a new normal, the health of our buildings – and how they influence personal health – is critically important. To address these needs, we are launching LenelS2 Healthy Buildings Solutions, a comprehensive suite of products and services designed to protect people and assets as well as optimize building health and efficiency. LenelS2 Healthy Buildings Solutions support our parent company Carrier’s Healthy Buildings Program.

As businesses and schools re-open, organizations need to be confident in their ability to protect the health and safety of building occupants, and building occupants need to trust that they will be protected. LenelS2 Healthy Buildings Solutions can help end users provide healthier and safer workplaces as they begin to welcome people back to their facilities. Please contact your LenelS2 representative for more information.

While the last several months did not entirely turn out the way we all thought they would, our future remains bright. We continue to have great momentum and excitement in our business thanks to your passion to keep people safe, healthy and secure. Thanks for all you do, every day.

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