Growing Law Practice Completes Multi-Site Deployment

Day Pitney, LLC

Day Pitney has successfully expanded the system to provide security to employees and clients across all of its locations.

Growing Law Firm Seeks Security

Day Pitney, LLP provides outstanding service to both clients and the community. With more than 400 lawyers on staff, the firm offers a range of capabilities and has offices in Boston, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, and Washington, DC. When the firm began construction of new offices, Syska Hennessy Group, Inc., proposed using the S2 NetBox IP-Based Security System for the new location because of its remote management capabilities and ability to expand to multiple sites. After Syska Hennessy Group finished the first designs and specifications, Day Pitney utilized the project’s systems integrator, Niscayah, Inc., to retrofit all of its remaining locations with the S2 system.


Protecting People, Information and Inventory

Security at a law firm is always top-of-mind. Beyond the usual concerns around employee safety that every business has, lawyers have access to and store confidential information regarding case matters and clients, and often deal with intense situations. As a large law firm, Day Pitney faces additional challenges. Lawyers working out of different offices often collaborate on cases, and will at times need to travel and have security access to other Day Pitney offices on the spur of the moment. There are file rooms for which all employee activity should be tracked. There are vendors, such as dry cleaners, mail and package delivery and food service providers, who must be able to enter certain areas, but not others. Together, these scenarios call for a robust access control system.

Day Pitney (then Day Berry Howard) contracted with Syska Hennessy Group, a consulting, engineering and technology, and construction firm, to complete a security study for the feasibility of a one-card solution for all their employees. The end result was a recommendation to utilize the S2 NetBox IP-Based Security System as a corporate-wide access control platform. Day Pitney agreed, and Syska Hennessy Group then specified the S2 system for the firm’s Stamford and Hartford offices, which were under construction at the time.


Success from the Start

Syska Hennessy Group provided construction administration services while working with systems integrator Niscayah for the Stamford and Hartford offices, and completed the design for the firm’s DC office. After Syska Hennessy Group had successfully completed these new locations, Niscayah continued to retrofit Day Pitney’s additional offices with the same S2 system. Today, the S2 security management system is used in more than 9 Day Pitney offices across the country.

Niscayah was impressed by how the system’s architecture made it both easy to install and use. “Installing it was seamless,” reports Jay Santini, project manager for Niscayah.

Once you get the system on the network it is easy to program the DNA. And because it is easy to wire, we had no trouble training our technicians on how to get the whole thing up and running.

This ease-of-implementation made Niscayah confident that the S2 system had been the right choice for a multi-site deployment and a perfect fit for the way Day Pitney employees work. Continues Santini: “A huge advantage of the S2 NetBox is that one card does it all and it is so easy to use. The employees at Day Pitney use the same card, so that any office can look them up, give them access and they are good to go. This clearly helped move them toward additional deployments.”


Multi-Site Deployment

With more than 9 different offices now up and running, Janet Pagini, General Service Office Manager of Day Pitney, says that security functions have been streamlined with the S2 system. “While it isn’t an everyday case where there is some police activity going on, we do need to keep our staff and clients, and their information, safe. We have tons of documentation around here, kept at various levels of security, and we have people coming and going all day long.”

Pagini notes that managing outside vendors is now a simple task, when before it was a more involved process. “Not only can we limit which doors outside contractors can get to, but the system makes it very easy for us to quickly make vendor access changes, for example when the vendor’s staff changes or when a project is done. We can also limit which doors outside contractors can get to, or even which floors.”

The system has also enabled better tracking of both information and supplies, reports Pagini. “We use it for our file room, and it has really helped us after hours. Employees have access to our records department and it is staffed during the day. But after hours, this is a way for our records manager to know who is going in and out, so we can be sure files don’t get misplaced. It has also been useful for monitoring supplies and other company assets.”

Pagini says it has been easy to train staff at each of the offices to add and delete access cards, and reports that the system is very user friendly. But what has most impressed her so far is the ability to manage the system from a remote location, from any computer, at any time. “Just recently, I got home at the end of the day and found out that someone needed to travel to another office the next day. The department was very impressed that I was able to make the change to the system remotely and give that employee access at the last minute. We might not be using all the bells and whistles of the system yet, but as the firm and our needs continue to grow, it is exciting to know it has so many capabilities.”