Lenel, S2 Security Unify Under a Common Product Ecosystem


The Lenel and S2 product lines are highly complementary and efforts are underway to unify them

John L MossBy John L. Moss

John L. Moss is Chief Product Officer of LenelS2


As a designer of products and a builder of companies, merging two electronic security systems powerhouses provides opportunities I could not have imagined when we incorporated S2 Security in 2002. The Lenel and S2 product lines are highly complementary, and efforts are already underway to unify them under a common product ecosystem.

Immediately after we announced the new company, we were fielding questions about connecting Lenel’s OnGuard access control system to S2 Magic Monitor. In Pittsford, New York, home of Lenel, little time was wasted getting some of the new OnGuard web technology running in S2’s popular media client.

While the team in Pittsford was lighting up its first S2 Magic Monitor and S2 NetBox appliances, the Framingham team was investigating another complementary technology: Lenel’s BlueDiamond credentialing system. As part of S2 NetBox Software Version 5.0, targeted for early 2019, the S2 team integrated the HID mobile credential delivery system. Integrating BlueDiamond is a natural next step toward unifying technology across the new company.

A robust reader and credentialing strategy is vital for an industry leader. That strategy is also an important element in a larger goal for LenelS2: a unified product ecosystem that can be managed on-premises or from the cloud and that integrates a broad security technology infrastructure. We’re now in qualification with new software for S2 NetBox that automates and speeds the administrative workload around virtual credential management, making adoption of mobile credentials a lot easier.

Beyond credentials are the devices that support them. At the recent GSX exhibits in Las Vegas, we showed a model of a new generation of intelligent reader that will join BlueDiamond in LenelS2’s product lineup next year. These card reader technologies allow us to innovate deeper into the system architecture, increasing the intelligence at the reader. Part of our motivation for increasing the intelligence at the reader level is to support cloud-based access control systems offerings.

Both Lenel and S2 have active R&D efforts oriented toward cloud services, and combining those efforts will lead to a broader set of services that reach the market sooner. We’ll be adding more capabilities to our web portal so that systems can be remotely monitored and updated by the integrators who maintain them.

LenelS2 now owns a vast technology portfolio and products that address many market segments. Beyond that, the technology portfolio owned by our parent company, United Technologies, offers extensive intellectual property that we can leverage. Look for us to quickly expand the product ecosystem by sharing the best technology practices of Lenel and S2 Security, as two former rivals join forces to shape the future of the industry.

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