Magic Monitor: A Unifying Force


Version 7.4 is the first Magic Monitor® release to achieve integration with OnGuard®, and it represents a point of fusion between the NetBox™ and OnGuard platforms.

John L MossBy John L. Moss

John L. Moss is Chief Product Officer of LenelS2


LenelS2’s OnGuard software version 8.0 is one of the most visible product development efforts in recent months. This latest release makes a strong statement about our commitment to browser-based delivery of the user interface, reporting, maps and a lot more. Most of these great new features are covered elsewhere in this issue of Connect.

At the same time as all of these new capabilities were being developed for the OnGuard system, a parallel effort took place in the Magic Monitor client, our unified control surface application for LenelS2 products. The Magic Monitor client’s major focus is on the user experience. It is a highly visual and extremely intuitive platform for integrating access control, video, digital signage and other information into a rich media interface.

The Magic Monitor client has supported the NetBox product line starting with version 1.0, and after the merger of Lenel and S2 Security, it became a goal to integrate the OnGuard system as well. Version 7.4 is the first Magic Monitor release to achieve that integration, and it represents a point of fusion between the NetBox and OnGuard platforms.

The integration includes OnGuard support in dynamic overlays, event logs, monitoring and other popular Magic Monitor features. The dynamic overlay feature lets users add graphic controls to digital signage, still backgrounds, or live video from any supported source. Users can easily control doors, for example, by clicking on them in live video.

NetBox operators who use partitioned systems will find that the numbers of partitions supported per the Magic Monitor client has been expanded. This was a common request from larger or distributed system users.

To support users in Spanish-speaking environments, we added localization in version 7.4. Localization is an option selected on install, and also offers English and French. Many other enhancements appear for the first time in this release, as well. Milestone Secure Connection, anti-forgery tokens, support for BriefCam and more debut in version 7.4.

The development team is currently concluding work to integrate LenelS2’s NetBox Global platform through the Magic Monitor user interface, which will make three major platform products accessible through the unified interface.

Looking forward, 2021 promises to be an exciting year for development. The upcoming mid-year includes Magic Monitor features related to multiple camera resolutions, threat level handling, further dynamic overlay enhancements and a lot more.

Speaking personally, over the years I’ve always looked forward to new Magic Monitor releases, and it is gratifying to see and contribute to the product’s evolution. Version 7.4 is notable for helping to unify our multiple platform offerings, and I can see that 2021 will not disappoint.