Putting it all Together


John MossBy John Moss

John Moss is Chief Product Officer of LenelS2.


At S2 Security, 2018 is the year of unified security management. The first half of the New Year focuses on product advances on the user interface front. These are major enhancements that have been under development for some time, and deliver a unified user experience across all of our product lines.

Traditionally, manufacturers target either video platforms or access control platforms. Typical video system user interfaces do a fair job of video presentation and manipulation, but fall short when it comes to access control, which requires a different type of user interface. The inverse is typically true for the access control makers: their interfaces are reasonable for access control but typically poor when it comes to video.

This access control vs. video user interface split is some of what drives the “PSIM” providers who claim to offer a user interface that unifies everything. PSIMs, however, require extra hardware and software and often have to be customized at great cost to have benefit.

S2 Security’s approach to the unified user experience erases the lines that separate security applications by reinventing both the desktop and mobile interfaces. The result of this innovation created two major products: S2 Magic Monitor and S2 Mobile Security Professional.

Magic Monitor, specifically Version 6 to be released in February, fully integrates the person search and edit capabilities needed for routine access control administration. It also adds a beautiful new interface for event and alarm management. Coupled with the door controls, video replay of accesses, and other features introduced in earlier versions, Version 6 elegantly completes the unification of access control, video surveillance and event management.

With Version 6, Magic Monitor becomes the only interface you’ll need for routine system monitoring and administration functions. Version 6 lets you monitor and administer up to five independent S2 NetBox systems directly, without requiring S2 Global (although Global is still required for multi-system data synchronization). Person searches across multiple systems are dynamic (think Google) and faster than ever.

On the mobile front, Mobile Security Professional, introduced in early January for iOS and Android devices, has joined our app lineup as a unified mobile client. Mobile Security Professional handles monitoring and common management for access control, video surveillance, mustering workflow and other functions. Our mobile development team is also working on a new app to handle virtual credentials, virtual photo ID, mass notification and more functions that further unify the ecosystem.

Our cloud administration platform, S2 Cumulus, has been enhanced to manage these unified ecosystems from a single cloud-based, web interface that lets system owners expand their ecosystems while retaining centralized administration. New cloud-delivered functions such as access level approval and mass notification will further bring it all together.  

It may not be happening in Washington, but unity is alive and well in your S2 ecosystem!

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