Real Estate Developer Goes With the Best, and Still Spends Less

1450 Brickell, located in Miami, FL

Hypower was commissioned to create a mission critical security system that could handle constant activity of this centrally located, high-end real estate

A Smarter Choice

In the heart of the Brickell Business District in Miami, Florida, the building known as 1450 Brickell offers world-class business and residential real estate. At 35 stories, 1450 Brickell stands out on a street of high-rises as the newest hightech glass construction and is the only area building that is hurricane proof. The building features many amenities such as high speed elevators, concierge services, valet parking, and beautiful panoramic views of Biscayne Bay and Downtown Miami Beach, providing tenants with a very high-end experience.

When the developers of 1450 Brickell approached Hypower Inc.’s Tony Belotto about designing and installing a security system for the building, Belotto began developing a proposal based on a proprietary hard-wired system. But as work on the proposal progressed, Belotto was introduced to S2 Security and the S2 NetBox IP-based security management system. Inspired by the scalability and flexibility of the system, and recognizing the huge potential for cost-savings that could extend to every IP-based product installed on the system, Belotto shifted gears. He developed a second proposal centered on the state-of-the-art technology being offered by S2.

“I knew I could win the job with the proposal based on a traditional system, but I began to suspect that at some point we’d all wish they’d installed an IP-based system,” recalls Belotto. “It is my job to advise them on the best options for security. I made it a point to learn about S2 and the NetBox line of products, and liked what I saw. So I revised my proposal, using the S2 NetBox as the core of the system.”

Because the building’s developer had worked on several successful projects with Belotto in the past, they took his advice, and agreed to go with Belotto’s recommendation to use the S2 NetBox IP-based security management system. It was a wiser decision than Belotto or the developer could have predicted.

“The proposal based on the S2 NetBox saved the developer close to 50% from the original proposal,” says Belotto. “The newer technology of the S2 NetBox, paired with IP-based cameras, offered significant cost savings. The developer of 1450 Brickell is very security conscious and understands the importance of cameras and card access. But when you are constructing upscale real estate, a lot comes down to price. He was so glad we made the move to an IP-based system.”


Creating the System

Hypower created a mission-critical security system that could handle constant activity at this soon-to-be busy location. Plans included a closed IP system to be controlled by building management, and a main security desk in the building lobby with a computer that could monitor video and access control. Hypower designed the system with the S2 NetBox at its center, and then also installed card readers, locks and cameras.

Tony Belotto cites several reasons for working with the S2 NetBox, including years of experience dealing with other systems’ server problems. These problems not only frustrated his clients, but ate up valuable hours of Hypower’s time.

“The S2 NetBox system saves me so many support hours,” says Belotto. “I have done hundreds of access control systems over the years, and have had nightmares with servers crashing or software that doesn’t work. Or your computer fails and you can’t get in and make any changes. There was a time when we would actually give free dedicated computers to our customers and tell them not to put anything else on it but the access control software. With the S2 NetBox, the biggest thing for me is no servers to maintain and no software to load. It is so much more sophisticated.”


Smarter, Better, Easier

Belotto has praised both the S2 products and the S2 Security team. “I try to be on the cutting edge,” states Belotto. “When I first sat down with S2 so they could explain their product, it took just minutes for me to get it. And as the S2 systems have continued to advance, it is clear that competitors just aren’t in S2’s league.”

I also couldn’t believe the training,” laughs Belotto. “When we first started with S2, my operations manager had just come back from another manufacturer’s training session, which took five days just to start entering cards. We went to S2 and we were entering cards in less than 30 minutes – that is how easy this system is to learn to install and use. But if you ever need support, S2 is right there to help. That is a huge difference over competitors.

Today, the S2 NetBox system at 1450 Brickell is up and running and Belotto reports that getting additional customers on board with this newer technology has been easy.

“When I sit down with a client who is using an old fashioned access control system and show them the S2 NetBox, they love it, they say it is fantastic,” adds Belotto. “These systems are so easy to use and maintain, and S2 provides outstanding support. I have never had an issue with any installed S2 system— you just install them and they run great.”