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LenelS2 prides itself on being recognized for service

Billy LavertyBy Billy Laverty

Billy Laverty is Customer Service Representative for S2 solutions at LenelS2


Customer service is critical no matter the industry, but in the security industry it carries an even greater weight. With people’s safety, security and business operations on the line, customer service needs to be immediately available, efficient, knowledgeable and empathetic all at once. Our objective is to provide customers with the information and help they need to design and purchase systems as well as ensure their installed systems are up and running at all times.

The LenelS2 team is often recognized for service, whether related to sales, technical support, application engineering or customer service. Our service philosophy starts at the very top and is embraced throughout the company. As the S2 customer service team, we apply this philosophy in the following ways.

The first line of defense

We trade in inherently complicated things: physical security software and hardware, third-party integrations and products, SUSPs and more. Recognizing that any system downtime for our customers can lead to critical situations, we train our customer service representatives to be the first line of defense.

This means team members are more than just phone operators who pass messages along. They are able to troubleshoot at a high level and get to the bottom of issues before involving additional, more specialized team members. For example, our representatives are well versed in every product and can provide Tier 1 technical support right away. That means they can sort out licensing issues directly or determine if it’s a hardware or wiring issue that needs additional expertise to solve. And, if they do need to escalate an issue, they supply all pertinent case information to the Technical Support team to ensure the customer never starts from square one.

An empathetic approach

From the very start, our leadership determined that one of the company’s core values would be service. When a customer project requires urgent support or a unique deployment, it’s not rare to see our executives stepping in to help find a solution. Just take a look at the Brooklyn Navy Yard case study on the S2 website for a great example.

With that precedent set, customer service operates with similar compassion and empathy. By stepping into the customer’s shoes, the team deeply understands that no issue raised is trivial to the customer and should be resolved as quickly, effectively and cheerfully as possible.

Building relationships

In line with our empathetic approach to customer service, we have found that our team is great at building relationships with customers, which leads to even better service. Customers often call looking for particular representatives because of how much they enjoyed working with them previously. We encourage the growth of these relationships as well as the continuity they provide.

New standard operating procedures, improved training, advanced troubleshooting skills and doubling down on our service philosophy have led to our positive service reputation, and we don’t plan to stop there. As our customer service team keeps growing, we’ll continue to enhance the quality of our service in a variety of ways. When the customer’s business, and the safety and security of their employees, students or tenants is at stake, industry-leading customer service isn’t just a good business practice, it’s our responsibility. 

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