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LenelS2 is in the process of making a number of organizational changes to deliver more specialized expertise and consistency to customers worldwide

Jeff StanekBy Jeff Stanek

Jeff Stanek is President of LenelS2


In January, I had the pleasure of traveling to Dubai and Brussels to attend our regional Sales Kickoffs and meet with LenelS2 team leaders from Europe, the Middle East and Africa. While the meetings were engaging and productive, it is the regions’ energy and commitment to support our customers worldwide that I found most inspiring. I returned to our headquarters in Pittsford, New York with deep appreciation for everything these teams are doing to support the business in every corner of the globe, as well as excitement for the future.

LenelS2 is in the process of making a number of organizational changes to deliver more specialized expertise and consistency to customers worldwide. These changes align with our long-term strategy and focus on global growth of our NetBox and OnGuard ecosystem products. Our global sales, support and product teams now all receive strategic and execution direction from our headquarters.

These changes better support our sales team to sell the same products around the globe. Team members will keep their regional connections while expanding their visibility into all product lines, providing many new growth opportunities. Multinational end users and value-added resellers (VARs) can expect to experience consistent support throughout the regions. In addition, identifying local installation support as needed will become even easier. More extensive collaboration with regional sales teams will strengthen market insights, which in turn will streamline global customer input into product development.

On the Technical Support front, this approach will allow us to share global resources and expertise across teams. Unification of our regional teams will enable us to provide a common customer experience as well as actively seek the ability to provide 24/7 customer service across all regions.

The Advanced Services team, which provides a range of implementation services from project support to specialized software solutions, is expanding, beginning with Custom Solutions offerings in Europe. We plan to make all of our services, including Professional Engineering Services, Remote Managed Services and Embedded Services, available in all of the regions.

Our NetBox ecosystem product training is already available entirely online to VARs and end users worldwide, and we are in the process of evaluating virtual training options for OnGuard users that will be accessible from anywhere. Standardization of tools that support the customer experience – such as CRM, project management and learning management system software – will help us provide a seamless experience across regions.

These are just some of the changes you can expect to see throughout 2020. With our fully aligned global organization, we look forward to serving you even better, no matter where you are.

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