Taking Access Control to the Next Level


Development on access control is heating up at LenelS2

Nick VenutiBy Nick Venuti

Nick Venuti is Director of Product Management, NetBox at LenelS2


LenelS2 is committed to pushing the envelope on security software and hardware. Our ecosystem has grown rapidly over the last few years to include next-generation video products, cloud services, mobile apps and more. Rest assured we haven’t forgotten about our origins – access control. On the contrary, development on access control is heating up. Our cloud services, which enable tight integration with mobile apps, make NetBox, and soon OnGuard, more powerful than ever. Along with that technological progress, we’re also committed to listening and understanding the needs of our integrators and end users to ensure all development is focused on improving their experience and, of course, security.

Learning on the Front Lines

Before I became Director of Product Management for NetBox and its ecosystem apps, I worked as a systems integrator for 12 years and then in application engineering and strategic account management for LenelS2. Much of my professional life was spent on the front lines installing the products I’m now developing. I’ve seen what it takes to design, specify and install a system from both sides of the aisle. Now, I’m excited to be in the unique position to be able to take lessons learned and aim them at our access control solution development.

Finding Common Ground

At the most basic level, access control customers want to be able to enter a space without friction as well as easily see and manage alarms. From there, desired and required features can vary from industry to industry. What pharmaceutical companies want is different from big tech companies, who in turn expect different things than a K-12 school district. From a product development standpoint, we’re in a position where we need to develop something that isn’t specific to any one vertical, but still suits these divergent needs. A tall task, but one we relish.

Although these industries expect differing feature sets, there are commonalities between them. It’s critical that our development process and product roadmap are flexible and agile enough to create software and features that address those needs. A couple of our core goals for the immediate future are to focus on ease of deployment and interoperability. The less time an integrator spends deploying and later servicing a system, the more time they can spend ensuring the end user is trained and using the system to its full potential.

We are also committed to making sure our solutions interface with third-party products. NetBox products interface with common third-party solution providers out of the box, and our robust API makes it easy to integrate with NetBox.

Access Control in a Cloud and Mobile World

Our ecosystem of products and cloud capabilities unlock new avenues for access control. Our cloud platform, Cumulus, provides the ability to remotely monitor the health of a NetBox system. Cumulus also makes it possible for our mobile apps to interface with NetBox to do things like send notifications to users, initiate lockdowns, manage evacuations, mustering and much more.

Access control remains a core component of our plans going forward, and we’re focused on providing the solutions you need. We are determined to give integrators a seamless deployment and service experience while meeting our end users’ unique requirements, whether they need traditional software or cloud-capable solutions.

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