Technical Services at S2 Security: Solving Your Security Challenges


John CulrossBy John Culross

John Culross is Senior Director of Technical Services at S2 Security.


At S2 Security, the Technical Services department plays a critical role that spans pre and post-sales as we work with security consultants, integrators and end users. We design systems, provide support for new and existing installations, manage the training program and more. Our team members are former S2 integrators and end users, which makes them experts that understand your challenges. They are committed to providing high-quality support at every stage of the customer journey.

Application Engineering: Your System Architects

Before a system is purchased, our Applications Engineering team assists consultants, integrators and our regional sales managers by reviewing end user needs and designing a system with the right specifications. Whether that involves a new installation or integration with existing third-party systems, Applications Engineering has the background and experience to help.

As our resident application programming interface (API) experts, S2 application engineers help design implementation strategies for specialized customer needs. The S2 API ensures that data flows freely between the S2 solution and third-party systems. For large enterprise customers with systems already in place – such as HR software or elevator controls – leveraging the S2 API makes tasks like large person record database migrations easy. The team is always pushing the technology envelope to help customers adopt cutting-edge solutions such as access control using facial recognition technology.

Once a system is deployed, our application engineers are available to provide on-site training and integration support as part of our professional services program.

Technical Support: Your Troubleshooting Experts

The Technical Support team is constantly taking calls to assist integrators and Black Support end users with any questions or issues that may arise. Team members’ deep knowledge of the installation process and how to operate our systems in the real world make them a valuable resource to our customers. The recent addition of remote team members throughout North America also allows us to rapidly get an S2 employee on site if necessary.

To provide the most efficient service possible, we’ve developed a new support call system that has enabled us to increase the number of integrators and end users we serve. A combination of first level triage handled by the S2 Customer Service team and specialized support handled by our video, access control, global and integration teams has led to a notable increase in technical support efficiency.

In the last six months alone, we’ve increased our call handling capacity by 30%. We’ve also spearheaded a closer relationship with the S2 Engineering team so that we can quickly escalate bug fix requests based on the volume of calls we receive about certain issues.

Training: Your Path to Knowledge

The Technical Services department manages the training program, which certifies integrator technicians and also allows end users and consultants to take courses. In addition to gaining deep knowledge of our systems, certified technicians receive priority access in the S2 Technical Support phone and email queue and on-demand access to our online training videos.

Though the Technical Services department is comprised of a diverse collection of teams with a wide range of responsibilities, we are united by the common goal of ensuring our integrators and customers are happy, empowered and able to solve any security challenge.

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