Transforming Services for LenelS2


We are always adapting and improving to maintain a gold standard of customer service

Frank PiazzaBy Frank Piazza

Frank Piazza is General Manager of Advanced Services and Technical Support at LenelS2


At LenelS2, high-quality and responsive service is essential. Over time, the needs of our integrators and end users change as priorities shift and challenges evolve. To maintain our goal of being the gold standard for service, we continuously adapt and improve. This past year, we transformed how we engage with our customers to enhance administrative oversight, accountability and overall success. Our Advanced Services, Training and Technical Support teams are expanding their capabilities to ensure customers receive high-quality service and get the most out of LenelS2 technology.

Advanced Services

The Advanced Services team provides expertise when planning, designing, deploying and maintaining LenelS2 products. Advanced Services includes the Professional Engineering Services, Remote Managed Services, Embedded Services and Custom Solutions groups. Each group is evolving to enhance the customer experience. 

We have recently added a project management coordinator and workflow system to provide formal implementation support for each project we execute. No matter the project, we will provide customers with the resources to be successful. A dedicated LenelS2 team member will provide administrative oversight, project planning and coordination. And we have added a new Program Management Service for long-term projects that includes remote managed services once a deployment is complete to ensure optimal functionality going forward. 

Professional Engineering Services will now include a hardening service for OnGuard installations. Our popular OnGuard Hardening Guide is already available, but it will now be standard for all staff to be trained with the guide so that the best practices are effectively passed on to integrators and end users. 

The Custom Solutions group is packaging popular integrations and solutions to make implementation faster and easier. With common integrations available off-the-shelf, Custom Solutions will free up development resources to focus on further customizing solutions to each customer’s needs. 

Training and Technical Support

In addition to the high-quality services we offer our customers, we are committed to providing the tools and resources they need to solve problems on their own. To that end, we are expanding our training resources as well as enhancing the training experience – both in-person and online. 

We will provide more online, pre-class materials for OnGuard students to allow us to shorten in-person classroom time from five days to less than a full week. We think our integrators will appreciate the saved time and increased travel flexibility. We are also adjusting our classes to be more relevant to specific target audiences. The redesigned classes enable different types of customers to get the information they need to be successful. 

We are also improving the technical support experience for our customers. Implementing electronic incident submission for OnGuard with scheduled appointments and engineers that own the incident for the life of the issue will ensure that client incident management is more efficient. 

Enhanced Service in Action

Many of these service enhancements are already in practice or will be completed this quarter. What makes our various services so powerful is how they can work together to overcome challenges for our customers. 

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