Wait Until You See What's New in Video (!)


A look at what's coming down the pipeline in video (and more) at LenelS2

John L MossBy John L. Moss

John L. Moss is Chief Product Officer of LenelS2


ISC West is approaching, and LenelS2, a giant in access control systems with its OnGuard and NetBox brands, has a lot of new developments to share with you…in video systems. 

Visitors to the show will certainly see our latest advances in access control, which span BlueDiamond credentials and readers to a full range of access control systems products that support the smallest users and the largest enterprises. After all, access control is in the DNA of our company. 

But in video, major product revisions and a totally new systems product line are sure to attract special attention. A lot of that attention will be paid to S2 VRx, a major new video recording and management product. Complementing VRx are S2 Magic Monitor 7 and its new companion product, Magic Remote, an app for iOS or Android that commands local and remote Magic Monitor displays. 

VRx is a completely ground-up developed video management technology that fuses video recording, archiving, retrieval and video-related applications into an appliance model similar to that of NetBox. VRx offers a web interface with automated camera detection, which speeds up and simplifies system deployment. The software runs on the Linux OS, and will be available as a virtual machine or a physical appliance. A cloud-deployable virtual machine will become available as well. VRx will take its place next to the S2 NetVR series of systems in the LenelS2 product lineup. 

At its heart, VRx treats video as searchable, manageable data. It integrates dynamically generated metadata with video, delivering surveillance feeds through Magic Monitor and supporting metadata-based searches through Magic Monitor Forensics. A novel crowdsourcing feature accepts user-contributed graphical content, indexing and storing it along with conventionally recorded video from VRx. Once approved for retention, crowdsourced video is searchable like conventionally recorded video; it gets archived and managed the same way. Magic Monitor 7, the VRx companion release, brings its own new bag of tricks. In Magic Monitor 7, you can approve submissions for crowdsourced video from VRx, specify messages for individual and mass notification applications and much more. 

Perhaps the most interesting new feature, though, is the new “smart cell.” Smart cells perform object analytics on video streams using GPUs, allowing users to define cells that only display video with certain objects – without negatively impacting performance. For example, one might only want to see video containing a vehicle, or a person carrying a suitcase. The smart cell is a beta capability, but it gives a glimpse into some of the AI work we’ve been doing with video. 

OnGuard users should also take note of recent and upcoming developments in video. The Onguard Monitor client, launched with OnGuard version 7.5 in December, now includes live and recorded video to accompany alarm events. Also on the floor at ISC West will be the new OnGuard Surveillance client, a web-based alternative to the traditional OnGuard Video Viewer Windows application. The responsive OnGuard Surveillance client user interface enables live and playback video viewing of one or more cameras on a desktop, laptop or tablet without client installation or upgrades. 

When you get to ISC West and visit us at the LenelS2 booth, you should be prepared to stay for a while. There is a lot to see. 

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