Application Integrations

Open API, endless possibilities.

Build The Ideal Solution

Our open API allows you to integrate the S2 system with the infrastructure and systems in use at your enterprise. Utilizing our API is an efficient way to ensure your systems share critical data with our security products.

Open API with endless possibilities

Open API, endless possibilities

Leverage our open API to create connections and timesaving automation between our products and your existing infrastructure. Whether it’s automated sharing of person data, integration with building infrastructure or enterprise IT reporting, working with our API expands your system’s capabilities to fit your business operations and security requirements.  

An enterprise-class solution

An enterprise-class solution

In many cases – especially for large enterprises – utilizing our API is a more efficient and cost-effective way to ensure your systems share critical data with our security products. For example our API eliminates the need to create duplicate person records, an especially time-consuming task for organizations with large numbers of employees. It can also create a range of integrations that cover building automation, business intelligence reporting and more.

Access control and identity management

Access control and identity management

Leveraging our API is an ideal solution if you use a different product for identity management, such as human resources or payroll. Instead of recreating the database, an API can be written to pass information in the existing system directly to S2 NetBox, ensuring smooth operations even as records change or update.

Data Operations

Data operations

Data operations allows you to create a transfer of data on a regular schedule, to or from other programs. For example, you can use our API to create a permanent connection or data operations to add users to a custom database by importing a regularly created CSV file.

Get started

Contact our Applications Engineering team or your sales representative to learn more about how you can leverage our API. Software developers can also find the S2 NetBox API for download on Support Central.

Good2Go is a unique client with an innovative technology application, and S2's open system allowed Good2Go to build the solution they envisioned.

Herbert Els Senior Vice President of Building Technology, WSP USA