Legacy System Migration

Upgrading made easy.

Choose Your Migration Path

Our open IP platform provides multiple upgrade paths for your legacy systems, allowing you to address your security requirements and budget. Whether you plan to completely replace your current systems or create a mix of existing and new infrastructure, we're able to help. 


An open IP platform

An open IP platform

When you’re ready to migrate from a legacy access control or video management system, our open platform makes the transition a whole lot easier. It also gives you options for future system expansion as your needs evolve. 

Advanced legacy technology

Advanced technology

We’re constantly innovating and transforming user experiences with our breakthrough technology. Once you’ve started using the S2 platform, you can rest assured your system will always be up to date. Our Agile approach to software development ensures we continuously deliver high-quality products, faster. 

Lower cost

Lower cost installations

Our access control systems work with your existing field hardware, allowing you to leverage your enclosures, wiring, cards and readers. If your current video system includes analog cameras, our solutions can convert the video streams to IP until you’re ready to upgrade your cameras.

Legacy Ecosystem Integration

Ecosystem integration

Migrating to the S2 platform gives you access to our entire product ecosystem, while allowing you to keep existing security infrastructure. Our unified client empowers you to simplify security operations with access control, video, digital signage and live-sourced Internet feeds. And with mobile apps, you can stay on top of your systems from anywhere. 

Phased migrations

Phased migrations

It can be daunting to face a system migration, especially if your organization has multiple sites and systems to consider. Our application engineering team is ready to assist you with a phased migration implementation plan so you can effectively manage security operations and budgets throughout the transition. 

Utah Transit Authority

We expected the system takeover to be difficult, but using the existing Mercury hardware made it easy. The level of detail and what you can do with the S2 system is really limitless.

Trey Otsby Manager of Security, Utah Transit Authority