Small-Mid Size Solutions

Tailored to your needs and budget.

Cost-Effective Yet Feature-Rich

Our cost-effective solutions are tailored to your needs yet don’t skimp on functionality. And as your business requirements evolve, migration to our larger systems is seamless.

Scales with your needs

Scales with your needs

As your needs grow, your S2 systems grow with them. Whether expanding to multiple locations, changing facilities, or adding new security capabilities – S2 systems are designed for your growth. S2 frequently adds new capabilities and integrations of third party products to extend the power of your system.

All-in-one solutions

All-in-one solution

Get an integrated security system up and running quickly without stringing together various components. Our uniquely flexible appliance-based solutions include a single-box access control and video management system that’s ideal for small businesses and can be deployed with minimal effort. 


Cost effective

Cost effective

Because our systems are modular, it’s easy to design a system that perfectly fits your needs without breaking the bank. With our browser-based systems, there is no software to install or client license fees.

Easy to use and maintain

Easy to use and maintain

Our intuitive, browser-based access control and integrated video management systems make it easy to manage your systems and for your staff to get up to speed. Software updates require minimal disruption and can be done remotely without the need for an on-site visit.

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Lexus is held to a high standard of quality and service everyday, and I expect the same level of quality when I am the customer. I tell everyone that the S2 NetBox is exactly as advertised and that S2 Security Corporation is a service-oriented business.

Chris Longpre Vice President, Lexus of Westminster