Third-Party Integrations

Extend your system's capabilities.

A Unified Ecosystem

As part of the S2 ecosystem, third-party integrations allow you to extend the capabilities of your security management system. Our open platform makes it easy to address your unique security requirements.  

Third-Party Access Control Integrations

Access control

With our third-party access control product integrations, you can seamlessly migrate from a legacy system at a lower cost or work with a variety of devices including locks, readers and cards.

Third-Party Video Management Integrations

Video management

Third-party video management products allow for tight integration of your existing video management system with S2 access control. And if you have multiple video management systems, S2 Magic Monitor unifies your video surveillance experience by bringing all of your cameras into a single interface.


Events and alarms

Integration with third-party alarm panels provides the ability to deliver alarm information in the S2 user interface, including event logging, notification and escalation capabilities. S2 Security offers a universal alarm panel interface that integrates with a variety of manufacturers.

Third-Party Visitor Management Integrations

Visitor management

Identifying, managing and tracking visitors is critical to keeping your facility secure. Our integration with visitor management systems streamlines the process of managing temporary credentials.

API that plays nice with others

An API that plays nice with others

If you have systems you’d like to integrate that you don’t see here, our flexible API is the answer. Your HR platform, directory services and elevator controls can be joined together into one security hub.

Our philosophy is to leave nothing to chance. The S2 access control system allows us to do more than the regulatory requirements will ever be.

Tim Sutton Director of Security, Revolution Cannabis