The BlueDiamond platform offers a complete, next-generation access control experience

With multi-technology readers, a feature-rich mobile app and the ability to support mobile and physical credentials, organizations can upgrade to the BlueDiamond experience at their own pace. The BlueDiamond mobile user experience enables employees to turn any smartphone into a device for effortless, touchless access.

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    The BlueDiamond platform offers a complete, next-generation access control experience. With multi-technology readers, a feature-rich mobile app and the ability to support mobile and physical credentials, organizations can upgrade to the BlueDiamond experience at their own pace.

    BlueDiamond multi-technology readers are among the most versatile access control readers on the market, work seamlessly with existing infrastructures and leverage open credentialing standards. The readers are non-proprietary, access control platform agnostic and support the standard output protocols including Supervised F/2F (SF/2F), Wiegand, OSDP™ and OSDP V2. When utilizing LenelS2™ OnGuard® and NetBox™ access control systems, users can conveniently manage mobile credentials through a single system.

    Simultaneous support for a wide range of smart cards – including HID® iCLASS®, MIFARE® and DESFire® EV1 and EV2 – in addition to support for standard proximity cards means BlueDiamond multi-technology readers provide a seamless migration path from less secure card technologies to a more secure, open standard with DESFire EV2 and BlueDiamond mobile credentials.

    With both mobile-ready and mobile-enabled versions available, organizations can achieve enhanced security at their own pace. For organizations that are not ready for mobile credentialing but want to have the flexibility to add it in the future, the BlueDiamond mobile-ready readers provide flexibility without the need to replace or add hardware. The BlueDiamond mobile-enabled readers are ready out of the box to support mobile credentials.

  • Features

    Mobile Access Control

    • Tap to Unlock: Tap “Unlock” to send credential to reader
    • Pathways™ Feature: Pre-load commonly accessed doors along a frequently traveled route
    • Phone as a Badge: Use a phone as a badge to gain entry
    • Shake to Open and Turnstile Support: Gently shake phone to send credential to turnstile or reader
    • Voice Commands: Ask Siri® to open a door or start a Pathway
    • Two-factor Authentication: Use Touch ID, Face ID or a smartphone passcode as a method for validating a BlueDiamond mobile credential user
    • Favorites: Store commonly used doors for quick access


    • Mobile Credential Support: Support for LenelS2 BlueDiamond mobile credentials via Bluetooth 4.0 low-energy
    • 125kHz Proximity Card Support: BlueDiamond multi-tech readers support HID Proximity, AWID® Proximity and CASI/GE Security ProxLite proximity cards
    • 13.56MHz Smart Cards Support: BlueDiamond multi-tech readers support Mifare DESFIRE EV1/EV2, Mifare Classic - ISO 14443, Vicinity Card Serial Number - ISO 15693 and HID iClass Card Serial Number (CSN) smart cards
    • Advanced Security: Wiegand, SF/2F or OSDP with or without secure channel encryption, auto-configuring with LenelS2 access panels
    • Mobile App: Available on both iOS® and Android® devices

    Subscription-based Services

    • Contact Notification Service: Enables daily self-assessments for employees to report any symptoms, risks or positive COVID test cases. This information allows the system to monitor employee interactions, so that possible exposures can be reported to direct contacts in the event of a potential exposure. This service can also monitor the proximity of employees while within the building and can provide real-time notifications to help maintain proper social distancing. All information collected is anonymized. 
    • Indoor Location Service: Provides convenient facility-wide navigation for employees and visitors. Through the BlueDiamond mobile app, users can access a map of the facility which leverages blue dot positioning to help users quickly identify their location within the facility, search for points of interest and obtain turn-by-turn directions to their destination. Integration with BlueDiamond readers allows users to unlock doors directly from the building map with BlueDiamond mobile credentials.
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