MicroNode Plus

MicroNode Plus

The MicroNode™ Plus is a compact, intelligent field panel handles distributed processing for NetBox™ access control and event monitoring systems. Access control and events from connected devices are aggregated to the NetBox browser-based interface for centralized system management.

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    The MicroNode Plus panel supports up to two portals, four relay outputs with wet/dry selection, four inputs with programmable levels of supervision, and one temperature sensor input. The 12VDC auxiliary output can power devices such as a Request to Exit device or an alarm sounder.

    Designed for localized access control and event monitoring, the MicroNode Plus panel is also an ideal retrofit solution. The seamless upgrade from legacy two-reader panels to the MicroNode Plus panel can be made without replacing readers, inputs or lock outputs.

  • Features

    Access Control

    • Reader Support: Interfaces with Wiegand and keypad reader technologies
    • Input/Output Assignment: Enables assignment of four input and four output relays to control doors and other end point devices
    • Temperature Input: Includes one analog temperature input
    • Retrofit Solution: Replaces legacy two-reader panels without requiring new readers, inputs or lock outputs


    • LenelS2 System Node: Handles distributed access control and event monitoring
    • Offline Availability: Maintains access control capabilities even when connectivity to the NetBox controller is lost
    • Intuitive Configuration: Utilizes embedded web interface for initial setup
    • Automatic Discovery: Automatically connects to and authenticates with the NetBox controller upon configuration
    • Power Options: Offers Power over Ethernet Plus, Power over Ethernet, or standard 12VDC power
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