S2 NetBox VR Quatro

S2 NetBox VR Quatro

The S2 NetBox VR Quatro combines the enterprise class S2 NetBox with our tightly integrated S2 NetVR video management system (VMS) and a four-slot network node. With the Quatro, access control, event monitoring and video surveillance and forensics are managed through an easy to learn web browser interface, providing users with extensive control over their video and physical security.

  • About

    Quatro’s base offering is licensed for four IP cameras and four portals, with expansion options that support up to eight cameras and eight access control points. Quatro is a true IP network appliance: power, a network drop, and a web browser are all the system requires. Convenient and economical, Quatro’s single box design minimizes both installation and maintenance costs.

    S2 NetBox VR Quatro is a uniquely flexible solution. It can be deployed as a stand-alone system for smaller sites, or as an enterprise level member of an S2 Global distributed network.

  • Features

    • Completely integrated access control and video management system
    • Network appliance handles its own administration
    • 100% Web user interface
    • Single cabinet design with expansion space for 8 portals
    • Supports proven S2 blade hardware
    • Widget Desktop support for customized monitoring displays
    • Built-in documentation library with web browser access
    • Forensic Desktop function locates and exports video evidence
    • Forensic case creation with single frame and full video export
    • Includes 2-year hardware and 1-year software warranty


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  • Product Comparison

    S2 NetBox Series Product Comparison


    S2 NetBox

    S2 NetBox Extreme

    S2 NetBox Enterprise 50

    S2 NetBox Enterprise 100

    S2 NetBox VR

    S2 NetBox VR Quatro

    Access Control

    Simultaneous Users  5 10 25 35 5 2
    Portal Capacity 32 128 1,792 7,168 32 8
    S2 Node Capacity 32 64 128 512 32 8
    Photo ID Badge Production Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Custom Reports Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Person Data Audit Trail   Yes Yes Yes    

    Video Management System Integration

    S2 NetVR Series Yes Yes Yes Yes Included Included
    S2 NetVR Capacity 4 16 64 128 Included Included
    S2 NetVR Camera Capacity 256 1,024 4,096 4,096 16 8
    Concurrent S2 Client Connections
    (S2 NetBox, S2 Magic Monitor,
    S2 Mobile Security Officer)
    5 10 25 35 5 2
    Third Party Video
    Management Systems
    Yes Yes Yes Yes    
    Third Party VMS Camera Capacity 32 256 1,024 1,024    

    Other Integrations

    Intrusion Panels Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Wireless Locksets Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Mercury Panels Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  


    Solid State Yes Yes Yes Yes   Optional
    Partition Support   Yes Yes Yes    
    High Availability       Yes    
    RAID Storage       RAID 1    
    Mobile Device Support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


    S2 NetBox Series Product Comparison


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