VRx Quatro

NetBox VRx Quatro

NetBox VRx Quatro combines the power of the NetBox™ enterprise-class access control system with the VRx™ video management system. Access control, event monitoring, video surveillance and video forensics are available through the NetBox and VRx web browser interfaces, Magic Monitor® client or Mobile Security Professional® mobile app. 

  • About

    NetBox VRx Quatro systems are designed to be convenient and economical to install and maintain. Sites with up to eight recorded cameras and eight full access control points can be handled using a single wall mount enclosure. The appliance includes four slots for standard LenelS2 application blades, including access control, supervised inputs, relay outputs and analog temperature monitoring.

    Program and system data is stored on a solid-state disk, while video streams to the internal hard disk. NetBox VRx Quatro systems are available with 2TB or 4TB of replaceable video storage, providing storage typically in the 30 – 120 day range. Stored video is easily searched using Magic Monitor Forensics.

    NetBox VRx Quatro is ideal as a stand-alone system or as a member of a Global distributed network where it can be locally or remotely managed. 

  • Features

    Access Control

    • Portals: Supports up to 8 doors or other access points
    • Event and Alarm Monitoring: Includes comprehensive event logging, notification and escalation
    • Threat Level Management: Provides configurable system status and response actions such as system lock downs
    • Person Record ManagementMaintains detailed, credential-driven user records and access history
    • Reporting: Offers pre-defined and custom reports

    Video Management

    • Cameras: Supports up to 8 IP cameras
    • Crowdsourced Video: Manages video submitted from the organizational community, making it available for playback during forensic investigation
    • Real-Time Surveillance: Allows for live video tours and on-screen PTZ controls
    • Forensic Search: Locates video of interest with a single click and saves it to the case library
    • Storage: Supports either 2TB and 4TB media drive


    • All-In-One System: Provides access control and video management capabilities in a single, converged system
    • Web Interface: Delivers browser-based, unified management and administration
    • Solid State Design: Extends product lifecycle, lowering total cost of ownership
    • Blade Support: Houses up to four LenelS2 application blades for access control, inputs, outputs and temperature probes
    • Customizable Monitoring Displays: Provides customization of real-time monitoring displays, with single or multi-camera views
    • Mobile App: Allows for mobile security management using Mobile Security Professional


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    The Video Designer allows you to define your video project requirements and determine which S2 video solution will meet your needs. S2 certified systems integrators can also sign in to save their video projects or quote a solution. 

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