S2 Cumulus

S2 Cumulus

S2 Cumulus is a powerful, cloud-based tool for monitoring and administration of S2 access control and video systems from a single management dashboard.  

  • About

    Tasks like managing licenses and updating software don’t require an on-site visit when you opt-in to S2 Cumulus for remote administration and monitoring. All of your S2 systems are categorized according to your requirements and displayed with their real-time status. S2 Cumulus monitors the health of your S2 systems by gathering periodic system performance data and applying analytic rules you configure to alert you of problems by text message or email. 

    S2 Cumulus is supported by NetBox software Version 4.9.10 and later, NetVR software Version 4.9.10 and later, and S2 Magic Monitor Version 4.2 and later.

  • Features

    • Proactive Health Monitoring: Provides access to diagnostic information such as OS version, last communication to S2 Cumulus and CPU usage
    • Automatic System Alerts: Sends automatic alerts to changes in system status via text or email, reducing time to detect and resolve problems
    • Remote Software and License Updates: Supports remote updates of S2 Magic Monitor software and licenses
    • Customizable Displays: Enables customization of displays, making it easy to manage and monitor systems for enterprises of any scale


  • Resources

    S2 Integrators and Consultants can access additional documents related to installing and setting up S2 Security systems.