Mobile Security User

Mobile Security User

A mobile security app for everyone in the enterprise

Mobile Security User is a mobile application that enhances safety and security, designed to be used by everyone in the enterprise. With Mobile Security User, employees can receive notifications from security personnel, utilize their phone as an HID mobile credential, share crowdsourced media, raise threat levels and muster during an evacuation event. Mobile Security User features tight integration with Mobile Security Professional®, making the the apps an ideal pairing in enterprise deployments. Mobile Security User is available for iOS and Android.

  • About

    Mobile Security User enables employees to use their phones as HID mobile credentials, streamlining access throughout a building or campus. A virtual photo ID capability also allows users to identify themselves as needed. An individualized QR code associated with the photo ID is available for use during evacuations. Within the app, users can also call security, escalate a threat (which can initiate a lockdown) and self-muster in the event they are not physically present for an ongoing evacuation.

    Mobile Security User can receive notifications, such as an office closure due to inclement weather. Notifications can be sent to individuals or groups of people from Magic Monitor®, NetBox™ and Mobile Security Professional via the Cumulus™ cloud-based service.

    Mobile Security User supports the ability to share crowdsourced media captured on mobile devices through incident reports. Crowdsourced media is uploaded to Cumulus where it can be accessed using Magic Monitor and viewed alongside recorded security footage.

    The app also features an access level approval work ow. Administrators can create a tiered approval group whose members are able to approve or deny access levels assigned to cardholders directly from Mobile Security User.

  • Features


    • Mobile App: Provides users with a range of safety and security features on iOS or Android devices
    • Cloud-Enabled: Communicates with other NetBox ecosystem products via Cumulus cloud-based service
    • SSL Support: Provides encrypted communications between Mobile Security User and the NetBox controller via Cumulus

    Mobile Security Management

    • HID Mobile Credential: Enables app to be used as an HID mobile credential, streamlining access
    • Virtual Photo ID: Provides a virtual photo ID and linked QR code for mustering during evacuations
    • Notifications: Receives individual or mass notifications from Magic Monitor, Mobile Security Professional and NetBox
    • Threat Level Escalation: Allows provisioned users to escalate threats directly from the app
    • Self-Mustering: Gives users the ability to designate themselves as safe during evacuations
    • Access Level Approval: Enables a designated group to approve or deny access level changes or issuance to a cardholder
    • Call Security: Make it easy to call a pre-programmed security contact
    • Crowdsourced Media: Allows users to create an incident report and upload relevant video or images for security team review


  • Resources

    NetBox ecosystem Integrators and Consultants can access additional documents related to installing and setting up LenelS2 NetBox ecosystem systems.