S2 Mobile Security Professional

S2 Mobile Security Professional

Operate your S2 system from anywhere, anytime

S2 Mobile Security Professional is an app for iOS and Android devices that allows both management and staff to operate their S2 access control and video management systems from anywhere. Users can switch between separate S2 systems or partitions directly in the app. S2 Mobile Security Professional is administered from a central location, and all actions are instantly displayed at the command center.

  • About

    With S2 Mobile Security Professional, mobile staff can review surveillance video, monitor events and alarms in real time and manage evacuations. Cameras are accessible on demand, displaying high-quality, high frame rate video. Video snapshots can be shared as needed. In response to event activity, staff is able to take immediate action such as remotely opening related doors and identifying a person of interest in video. Mustering for evacuations is effortless, with multiple mustering points coordinated right on the screen. S2 Mobile Security Professional dramatically improves productivity, decision making and response time.

  • Features


    • Mobile App: Allows for mobile operation of distributed S2 access control and video management systems in iOS or Android devices
    • Multi-System Control: Includes the ability to switch between separate S2 systems or partitions
    • SSL Support: Provides encrypted communications between S2 Mobile Security Professional and the S2 NetBox controller

    Mobile Security Management

    • Video Surveillance: Delivers live video and event-based video recording from any S2 NetVR camera
    • Video Snapshot: Allows sharing of critical images via email or text message
    • Event Monitoring: Displays event activity and video of interest, both real time and recorded
    • Person Detail: Provides person identification and their access history log in one touch
    • Door Controls: Enables momentary unlock of any door in the system
    • Photo ID Capture: Takes an ID photo directly from the app
    • Evacuation Management: Tracks evacuations and allows for management of multiple mustering points
  • Resources

    S2 Integrators and Consultants can access additional documents related to installing and setting up S2 Security systems.