NetVR 425

NetVR 425

NetVR™ 425 supports up to 64 IP cameras and up to 96TB of video storage in RAID 5 or 6 storage configurations, making the system well suited for mid-sized deployments. NetVR 425 is available as a stand-alone system and also tightly integrates with NetBox™ access control systems. 

  • About

    NetVR is a full-featured video management system, which provides a unified access control and video surveillance experience when used in conjunction with the NetBox access control system and Magic Monitor® unified client.

    Real-time video monitoring and recorded video playback are accessible through the Magic Monitor client. By clicking on an icon in the activity log, users can instantly play back recorded video associated with an event and save it to the case library. Additional features include onscreen PTZ controls and integration of live video views into floor plan graphics.

    NetVR 425 seamlessly fits into the NetBox ecosystem, allowing the entire solution to easily scale with organizational growth. The Linux-based NetVR appliance is plug-and-play and operates similarly to other NetBox ecosystem products, making it easy to set up, configure and maintain.

  • Features

    Video Management

    • Cameras: Supports up to 64 IP cameras
    • Real-Time Surveillance: Allows for live video tours and on-screen PTZ controls with Magic Monitor
    • Forensic Search: Locates video of interest with a single click and saves it to the case library
    • Storage: Supports up to 96TB of internal RAID 5 or 6 storage
    • Storage Management: Provides simple user interface to add or replace storage drives in the field


    • IP Video Server: Delivers real-time and recorded video to a client or mobile app
    • Access Control Integration: Integrates with NetBox access control systems for unified system management and administration
    • Customizable Monitoring Displays: Provides customization of real-time monitoring displays, with single or multi-camera views
    • Mobile App: Allows for mobile security management using Mobile Security Professional®
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  • Video Designer

    The Video Designer allows you to define your video project requirements and determine which S2 video solution will meet your needs. S2 certified systems integrators can also sign in to save their video projects or quote a solution.

    Design a System

Revolution Cannabis S2 Security Video Surveillance

A camera outside each vault captures a full image of anyone entering or exiting, and four cameras on the interior provide a view of the entire room to detect theft or loss.

Tim Sutton Corporate Director of Safety and Security, Revolution Cannabis