Support Services

Training and technical support services.

LenelS2 Professional Services

LenelS2 offers LenelS2 Professional Services to meet complex customer requirements throughout the design, deployment, maintenance and growth of integrated security management systems. 

Exceptional customer support is a core value at LenelS2. LenelS2 provides end user support through its signature LenelS2 Black Support Program. This popular program allows enterprise end users to receive training and technical support.

LenelS2 Black Support Program

As part of the program, end user personnel are certified by LenelS2 to the same standard as integrators, and two certified individuals may be designated to call into LenelS2's technical support department for support.

Standard support hours are 9am – 7pm ET, Monday-Friday.

LenelS2 Black Support is purchased for the end user through the integrator.

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