Our continuously evolving approach to securing security.

Our Cybersecurity Responsibility

Cybersecurity is an ongoing process. The landscape of threats is always evolving, and so are our efforts to meet high cybersecurity standards. To provide you with the best, safest possible solutions, we design and manufacture secure software and hardware products, monitor for vulnerabilities and empower you to remain vigilant. We are committed to working with our customers and partners to support the security of their S2 systems and remain alert for what the future brings.

Cybersecurity at Every Product Phase

When it comes to physical security, the complexity and interconnectedness of today’s systems provide multiple potential entry points for would-be attackers. This is why S2 Security incorporates information security into every phase of our products. Our comprehensive approach also empowers our customers to implement cybersecurity best practices while remaining vigilant.

Cybersecurity Design


We design secure products from the ground up. This means designing within a secure environment and reviewing all of our code to minimize potential vulnerabilities.

Cybersecurity Development and Quality Assurance

Development and Quality Assurance

Our developers follow coding best practices so that no shortcuts are taken which could result in a product weakness. Both the development and quality assurance teams run a variety of scans to detect any potential vulnerabilities along the way.

Cybersecurity Manufacturing


Manufacturing does its job almost entirely offline and always behind a series of firewalls. Testing and licensing are performed quickly, and behind a series of firewalls to ensure products are working as intended but are not open to attack. 

Cybersecurity Installation and Deployment

Installation and Deployment

Installation and deployment involves collaboration between S2 Security, systems integrators and end users. Once systems are installed or in use, they run the risk of being compromised if appropriate measures are not taken to secure the operating environment. To mitigate this risk, we provide cybersecurity best practices training to our installation experts and build in software measures to help users follow them. 

Cybersecurity Maintenance


Following deployment, integrators receive timely updates with the information and tools they need to keep systems secure. We conduct daily scans for vulnerabilities and monitor for generalized cybersecurity threats. If found and are detected, we systematically determine the best course of action – whether an immediate patch within 24 hours, or a notification to raise awareness.

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