Distributed Architecture

Easily scale up or down to fit your requirements.

Fully Distributed, Highly Scalable

Our physical security management systems feature a fully distributed, highly scalable IP network architecture as well as unified management and administration. Customizable to your needs, our systems easily scale up or down to fit businesses of any size and geographic distribution. Large global enterprises can build an entire ecosystem of S2 access control and video management systems under one centrally controlled network.

S2 Distributed Architecture Benefits

  • Unified Management and Administration
  • Modular and Expandable Systems
  • Scalable Ecosystem
  • Centralized Management and Reporting
  • Secure Communication
  • Storage Backup
  • Auto Discovery
  • Flexible Network Setup
S2 NetBox

IP Access Control: S2 NetBox

The S2 NetBox access control and event monitoring system is the server for local S2 Nodes and includes embedded software with a web server, an ODBC-compliant database management system and an application software suite. To support the widest range of business applications, S2 NetBox systems communicate with S2 video management systems, third-party video management systems and other integrations through the IP network. 

S2 Nodes

Distributed Processing: S2 Nodes

Highly flexible components of any S2 NetBox system, S2 Nodes handle distributed processing and are the connection points for card readers, monitoring points, supervised inputs, relay outputs and temperature points. Access control and events from connected devices are aggregated to the user interface for centralized system management. In the event of power or communication loss, S2 Nodes continue to operate. 

S2 NetVR

Video Management: S2 NetVR

Scalable and expandable, S2 video management systems support a range of applications from small offices to large enterprises. Multiple S2 NetVR servers can connect to a single S2 NetBox controller or be managed with a single user interface, allowing the systems to easily scale with organizational growth.

S2 Global

Centralized Security Management: S2 Global

With S2 Global, you can easily centralize management of your distributed S2 access control and video management systems. The flexible system allows it’s easy to expand as the security needs and physical footprint of an organization change, enabling distributed organizations to build large physical security networks without requiring any additional investment in communication infrastructure. 

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