Power of the Cloud

Endless service possibilities.

Scalable, Flexible, Cost-Effective

S2 Security provides multiple services leveraging the power of the cloud to deliver new capabilities to your existing system. 

Power of the Evolving Cloud

An evolving menu of services

Cloud technology offers the advantages of large-scale computing resources in an on-demand model, simplifying product and service delivery as well as minimizing cost. With S2 cloud-based services, you can remotely manage your installed S2 products or deploy an access control and event monitoring system.

Power of the Cloud Enhanced User Experiences

Enhanced user experiences

The cloud transforms how you monitor and manage S2 deployments, and is a platform for enhancing the user experience – making delivery of services more cost effective and efficient. Leveraging the cloud, S2 Security is developing and providing countless services such as virtual credential acquisition and management, video stream sharing, remote mustering, communication with third-party systems and more.

Lower cost service and maintenance

Lower cost service and maintenance

With processing power, maintenance and administration offloaded to the cloud, traditional installation and maintenance expenses are a thing of the past. Leveraging the cloud reduces your upfront investment and minimizes the need for IT support. And, as a shared asset, the cloud allows us to provide you with feature-rich services at a lower cost.

Critical system information on demand

Critical system information on demand

Maintaining security and situational awareness is an around-the-clock effort, so it’s critical to stay on top of the status and health of your security systems. Through the cloud we offer health monitoring, system administration and real-time alerts to make sure you’re always informed and able to address any issues in a timely manner.

Highly secure cloud services

Highly secure

All of our cloud services and your system information are stored at highly secure data centers that comply with regulatory and audit standards. Communication between the cloud and your products and services is encrypted under the most up-to-date protocols.

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